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~Happy Tails~


The other three are happy and healthy. Bertha (Violet) is big and lazy;
Monkey Dog (Blaze) acts like a pup, always climbing and jumping; and Hanta
(Blue Girl 2) remains the sweetest, kissiest rat in the world.

Jacob D. adopted in 2005

Just wanted to let you know how we are doing after our first week. We are all enjoying Rattie and Ruby, they are so cute and so fun!
Zach, Rattie and Ruby: Adopted in 2005

We are all very happy. They are sweet and healthy and very social. We enjoy them very much!
Hi Amanda, Stirling and Hobbs are both great! We take them out in the yard to play in the flower beds and the vegetable garden.

Bonnie G. Adopted in 2005

I really fell in love with Hairy.
I really can't believe Hairy is so big like my
special boy Spot. Thank you so much for Hairy.
And I will keep telling you how Hairy is.
Amber H. Adopted at end of

They're all so well socialized! The Dumbo rat is VERY kissy/licky, which I think is the neatest thing ever!
Thank you so much for letting me adopt these little boys, I'm happier than I've been in a long time.
Ali H. Adopted July 2006

I really enjoy them!:)
It was wonderful to finally meet you! :D If I ever want another rattie (or know someone who does), I'll definitely come to you first!
~ Stephanie
Adopted May 2007

The little guy got home fine last night. There is a definite difference in attitude from him vs other ratties I've met. He's much more outgoing, inquisitive and relaxed. He was so cute on the way home! I brought my travel carrier and had it on the front seat. I rested my fingers on the bars to just let him know another creature was nearby. I wasn't really expecting him to come near, figured he'd be tucked in a corner. Well he came over and reached his little arms through the bars and was trying to pull my fingers into the cage. Aw, he got my little heart-strings with just that little act :). Very social and outgoing. He doesn't have a name just yet, although I've got a couple rattling around in my head. Can't wait for quarantine to be over so I can begin intros and the guys won't be lonely.
 I'll be checking in on your website to see how things are going with your crew occassionally.
Thanks and take care!
Jan, 2009
The boys are adorable. They were playing and hopping and popcorning. All over the place last night on the way home. They are very calm and give kisses. Can't wait to get to know them and enjoy there little antics!
Thanks for more cuties.
I am sure this won't be the last!
Jan 09

"I'm usually skeptical about adopting from other Ratteries due to some bad exeperiences, so when the offer was put up to make an exchange with RAMR I wasn't sure that I wanted too. I lost several of my beautiful babies from a previous trade and I was afraid. However, the babies that I received from Amanda were very tame and mild tempered. There wasn't anything wrong with them and there was no fear of sickness. Her rats were very clean and exceptionally loveable, even after the stressful trip and changing of new homes! I would enjoy another trade in the future with RAMR and I encourage those seeking a wonderful pet rat to adopt from Amanda! Thank you so much for the wonderfully sweet ratties!"
From Billie at Whiskers In My Pocket, adopted July 2007

We just got back home. I wanted to thank you for letting us adopt your ratties! They love us already, that wasn't the case with our Touille (our other rat) - it took her a few weeks or more to get use to us.
They are so adorable.  We named the Beige Velveteen - Sandy / The darker dumbo - Mia / The lighter dumbo - Mya (twin names).
Chris & Family
March 2009

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